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District Legal Services Authority, Mansa is engaged in the following activities.

  • Providing free legal aid in the nature of counseling and providing free legal services in the conduct of any case or other legal proceedings before Court/ Tribunal/ Authority.

  • Organising Lok Adalats for settlement of pending cases as well as disputes which have not been brought before the court thereby avoiding costs, delays and ensuring speedy justice overcoming legal technicalities.

  • Settling matrimonial disputes through mediation and conciliation.

  • Spreading legal awareness amongst litigating public and public at large on various issues of Social and legal importance.

  • Rendering free legal aid to the prisoners and under trials.

The District Legal Services Authority, Mansa provides free legal services to:

  • A member of Scheduled Caste of Scheduled Tribe.

  • A victim of trafficking in human beings or begar

  • A woman or a child.

  • A person with disability such as suffering from blindness, leprosy, loco motor disability, hearing impairment, mental incapacity.

  • A victim of mass disaster, ethnic violence, caste atrocity, flood, drought, earthquake or industrial disaster.

  • An industrial workman.

  • An undertrial in custody, including a juvenile, i.e., a person up to the age of 18 years in a protective home or a mentally ill person in a psychiatric hospital or psychiatric nursing home.

  • A person with an annual income of less than Rs.1,00,000/-

  • All cases of a civil nature such as property disputes, matrimonial and custody matters, labour or service matter, compensation in motor accident cases, consumer disputes, etc.

  • All cases involving criminal offences.

  • All cases involving violation of fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

How to apply for legal aid?

  • By filing an application in writing stating in brief the grievance or the case for which legal aid is required:

  • The applicant shall be required to execute an affidavit in the prescribed form available with the District Legal Services Authority without fee as to verify the eligibility criteria for seeking legal services.

What is the nature of legal services provided?

  • All relevant charges payable or incurred connection with any legal proceedings

  • Charges for drafting, preparing filing of any legal proceedings and representation by a legal practitioner in legal proceedings.

  • Cost of obtaining any certified copy/copies of judgments, orders and other miscellaneous expenses in legal proceedings.

  • Cost of preparation of paper book (including paper, printing and translation of documents) in legal proceedings and expenses incidental thereto.

Whom to contact and where:

  • District & Sessions Judge-Cum-Chairman District Legal Services Authority Mansa. District Mansa, Phone/Fax: - 01652-228890

  • Civil Judge (Senior Division) Cum- Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Mansa, District Mansa Phone: - 01652-227500

  • Assistant District Attorney (Legal Services), Second Floor, Judicial Courts Complex, Mansa, District Mansa. Mob:- 98760-67451

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